A link to the school calendar for 2017-2018 can be found below right.

Q.  What process is used to determine the school calendar?
A.  NPS administration works collaboratively with teachers during the negotiations process to formulate a school calendar.

Q:  Why does school begin before Labor Day?
A:  All Newaygo County schools begin before Labor Day. We are required to have a common county calendar with regard to first day of school, Christmas break, and Spring break.

Q:  Why does the school do Late Starts?
A:  NPS, along with several other districts have Late Starts so that all staff can meet in PLC's. A FAQ about PLC's was developed about a year ago and can be found on the district website here Curriculum --> PLC.

Q:  I have heard some people like the Late Starts and some people dislike the Late Starts. What process was used to consider opinions?
A:  The district made a survey available electronically via social media and the district webpage in the spring of 2017 to gather input from parents. The results were mixed. When asked to respond to the following statement" "It would be acceptable with me for the Monday Late Start concept to be continued for the 2017-2018 school year," the results were:
46.3 % Strongly Agree or Agree
42.6 % Strongly Disagree or Disagree
11.1 % No opinion

Q:  I struggle with my family schedule on Late Start Mondays, what can be done?
A:  The district is considering making time, space, and supervision available for students who need to be dropped off at the buildings at the normal start time on these days. Certainly, this is more of an issue for parents and students in the elementary grades. If/when NPS can make that happen, communication about this will come out in August.

Q.  I heard the Late Starts made it so NPS students had to go all the way to June 12 (unlike their neighboring school districts) in the 2016-2017 school year. Is this true?
A.  Late Starts had nothing to do with the end of the year schedule.  The State of Michigan requires a specific minimum number of student school days (180) and a specific minimum number of hours (1098). Schools have to meet these requirements and we accomplish both while still doing Late Starts. Because our students attend the minimum of 180 days, there is no way that eliminating Late Starts would shorten our school year.

Q.  When comparing the 2017-2018 school calendar with last year's calendar, I see we get out on June 6, 2018, which is a week earlier than 2016-2017. How can this occur?
A.  NPS has scheduled less days off during the actual school year so the end date is different as a result.

Q.  What if I have more questions?
A.  Please contact Superinendent Peg Mathis at 231-652-4933.